XYO Price Prediction – An Analysis For The Coming Decade

XYO Price Prediction – An Analysis For The Coming Decade

The current shift from Web2 to Web3 is a revolution of data. It takes personal data out of corporate hands and puts them back into your own. 

In the wake of this revolution, many Web3 companies create innovative solutions to improve data security and verification. One of these projects is XYO.

Despite its strong fundamentals and past performance, XYO is still flying under the radar. If you are one of the few that has looked into their product and are curious about its potential, you’ve come to the right place. This article delves into the project’s fundamentals and the performance of its token. We also offer our XYO price prediction based on past cycles and future market trends.



What is XYO?

XYO Network is a decentralized protocol that deals with location-based data security, trust, and value. The Network was created by XY Labs, a Blockchain Oracle provider that has been around since 2012.

XYO, the ERC-20 token behind the network, has some interesting use cases. Its main utility involves trading and staking on the network’s platform against ERC-721 tokens representing real locations around the globe. This way, developers can interact with the real world as if it was an API. 

The cryptocurrency launched in 2018, at 0,01$ per coin. The crowdsale raised $12.000.000 and the company is since working on the growth of its ecosystem. Since 2021, XYO is also listed on several high-tier exchanges and is growing in terms of community and volume.


XYO price over time

Before we start making forecasts, let’s analyze XYO’s price history. Following its ICO, the token got listed on Kucoin in December 2018. In those early days, insufficient liquidity and low trading volumes kept the price low without any significant price growth.

The real growth for XYO started in September of 2021 when multiple token pairs were simultaneously listed on Coinbase and Gate.io. Within a month, the coin reached a peak price of $0,078, rewarding all early buyers and ICO participants.

XYO price over time

The euphoria, however, didn’t last for long; following a rapid growth curve, the market took a sharp dive shortly after, crushing most altcoins. In less than a year, XYO gradually lost 92% of its value and is currently trading below its ICO price.

Despite the price tumbling to unforeseen lows, XYO continues to build its ecosystem. In February, the network launched a $20 million ecosystem fund to grow the number of companies utilizing its network. A few days later it also launched its 2.0 version, by implementing certain Web2 elements into its decentralized protocol.

In May of 2022, XY Labs announced a doubling of revenue in the fiscal year 2021, making it its most successful year to date. It is also one of the few companies related to Web3 that generates recurring revenue for several years.

Even with this amount of positive news, XYO did not manage to recover. Once again, we get a confirmation that the direction of the market affects low-cap tokens, irrelevant of their fundamentals. In terms of market cycles, history once again repeats, giving us lots of information to start making price predictions for the future.


XYO price prediction 2023

Despite the increase in trading volumes over the past year, XYO did not experience bullish action. This further indicates temporarily depressed crypto prices that do not rely on hype. As such, and based on previous market cycles, we do not expect the price of XYO to see significant growth in the next quarter.

XYO price prediction 2022

Our XYO price prediction 2023 should be seen as an educated guess, and not financial advise. We see the coin heading back upwards to reclaim its ICO price ($0,01) with a small potential of reaching $0,025 given short-term bullish momentum. Historically speaking, the chances of such a recovery are low and will most likely occur early in the next year. 


XYO price prediction 2025

Most investors await 2025 as the year of retribution and bullish action. Of course, all we can do at this point is speculate. Market cycles tend to repeat and we believe that we’re up against another major bull run in the next few years. 

If this would be the case, then XYO ticks all the boxes of an undervalued token. As described in the examples above, its focus on long-term growth is one of the key characteristics that make us optimistic about its future growth.

Pair that with the ever-increasing demand for location-based data, especially by Web3 developers, and you start to see the big picture. XYO is fundamentally strong, solves real problems, and is entering the market weighed down by bearish conditions. As we migrate into a world of user-owned data, projects like XYO will attract more contributors and ecosystem builders. As a result, we expect to see positive sentiment and more investors creating a crypto wallet to acquire the token.

How will that reflect on the token’s price? If we had to take a wild guess we’d estimate a 10x growth from its peak price – around $0,8 per token. Note that this is our most optimistic XYO price prediction 2025. If bullish momentum does not perform similarly to prior cycles the value of the token could also remain stagnant.


XYO price prediction 2030

By 2030, user-owned data should be the norm. Web3 protocols should also be as popular as Web2 corporations are today, with adoption progress dwarfing the current levels. On a fundamental level, we see no reason for XYO to stop growing. The crypto markets, however, are highly speculative, putting real-world utility in the back seat.


Location-based NFTs will require more complex security as they will be used in more decentralized applications for data validation. Once again, XYO’s main use case will be put to the test. If it can stay ahead of the growth curve, the token’s price should go along with it.

By 2030, we expect XYO to have a strong and vibrant ecosystem while increasing its use cases. In this case, we could see the token’s value grow to $4-$5. There are, however, a large number of variables that might stop it from getting there. Government regulations, economic recessions, weaker growth cycles, and strong competitors are just a few of them. The only way to strengthen the conviction of our XYO price prediction 2030 is to wait for more time to pass.


XYO price prediction 2040

One year in the crypto markets is like a decade in traditional finance. When talking about nearly two decades in the future it’s easy to see how hard speculation can be. Yet, if we had to give an estimate, our XYO price prediction 2040 would be based on its fundamental strength and the ever-increasing importance of data security. 

Location-based data verification will likely become more prone to hacks as we continue to shift towards a cloud-based standard. With it, companies would need to find clever ways to stay ahead of the curve to protect the end consumer. If XYO finds a way to become a market leader in its niche we see no reason for its growth to stop. Our estimate, in this case,  would place XYO anywhere between $10-$15 per token, given that market cycles become less volatile in the future. 


XYO price prediction 2050

When it comes to price predictions, 2050 seems too far out to even consider. At this point, and with the rapid changes in the industry, any price forecast might raise investors’ hopes. It is, however impossible to know how the market will behave, even if we had exact data on user adoption and future market cycles. 

As of now, the high leverage in the market uncouples crypto prices from their business success. Hence, instead of giving an XYO price prediction 2050, we will share some tools to help you conduct your own research.


Best XYO price prediction tools

XYO price prediction tools are divided into different categories depending on their focus.

  • Sentiment analysis & Social signals – These are tools that are best used by swing traders. Consider using LunarCrush for social signals. Use Twitter to get a better understanding of the current market sentiment.
  • Day-trading tools – Day traders often use TradingView thanks to its wide array of charts and indicators. CoinMarketCap is used to get more high-level information related to the market. 
  • Ecosystem tracking tools – Holders and users who like to think about long-term price predictions might find value in Crunchbase. We have previously analyzed how to use this platform to track investments of funds; the same can be done to track ecosystem growth. Discord is also a useful tracker, as it connects investors with the core team, keeping them at the forefront of the latest updates.


How did we derive our XYO price prediction?

Our price predictions are purely speculative, based on data collected from prior market cycles and looking at the growth curve of fundamentally strong projects. In the long run, projects with strong fundamentals acquire grants and external funding, which enables them to build strong teams and great products. But don’t just listen to us at Paybis; check out what other experts have to say on the topic.


What do others think? XYO price prediction today

Aside from the forecast of Paybis, let’s have a look at some popular names in the space, and what they think about XYO price prediction today and for the rest of 2023:

  • TradingBeast is somewhat bullish, with a year’s end prediction at $0.00975
  • PricePrediction.net also sees XYO above its ICO price; they predict ~$0.012023
  • WalletInvestor is more bearish, with a price target of $0.002307 by year’s end


Summing up

So is XYO worth buying? As with most things crypto, it depends. There are many positive things to look forward to; the growth of XYOs ecosystem, a bullish market cycle, more Tier1 listings (Binance, anyone?), and a product that solves real-world bottlenecks.

On the other hand, the market has not been favorable for most altcoins over the past year, and there are valid reasons to believe that the trend will continue. XYO is a relatively new altcoin with a small market cap, and is, therefore, more prone to volatile price swings.

In the end, your decision will have to take into consideration the irrationality of the market, as well as the real-world solutions that XYO contributes to a Web3 future. It is somewhere along these lines that you will find an answer. Once again, keep in mind that we’re only sharing our speculative opinion, and the information herein should not be taken as financial advice. 



Will XYO be around in the next decade?

Most likely yes. The project is doubling down on its future growth by launching a fund aimed to support ecosystem projects. They also tackle problems that will become increasingly relevant over the next 10-15 years.


What would it take for XYO to reach $10?

XYO could reach a $10 pricepoint if we see a combination of:

  • Improvement in sentiment surrounding the crypto market as a whole. This generally occurs when market cycles shift to bullish momentum and could lead to a full recovery for most undervalued tokens. The shift would have to be steeper than the cycles that came before it.
  • Improvement in sentiment surrounding XYO and an increase in long-term token holders. This will happen in over the next few years as more Tier1 exchange listings occur and more investors see the long-term value of XYO’s product. Effective marketing campaigns for community growth are also important, which brings us to the next point.
  • Promotional staking products of Tier1 exchanges make holding the norm. High-return locked staking not only rewards users but also limits the number of tokens on the spot market.


What is the circulating supply of XYO tokens?

At the moment of this writing, the circulating supply of XYO is 12,840,000,000 tokens. The total number of XYO tokens is 13,960,974,963.

Disclaimer: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more at: https://go.payb.is/FCA-Info