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How to Sell Bitcoin to Bank Account

How to sell Bitcoin the easy way

Investing in Bitcoin only works if you have an easy, fast, and secure way to close your position. With Paybis, you can withdraw Bitcoin to bank account in four easy steps.

  • Decide how much Bitcoin to sell and click “Sell Bitcoin”
  • Enter your bank account data. We accept transfers in EUR, GBP, and USD.
  • Transfer your bitcoin to our wallet
  • Receive your payout!
Scroll down for a more detailed guide. Swipe right to learn why any serious investor needs the option to sell Bitcoin.

Why sell Bitcoin?

If you're serious about investing, you need a clear game plan for managing your assets. Not only do you need to know when to buy; you also must decide when to sell Bitcoin.

You have to keep in mind that Bitcoin is a volatile currency. If you make a plan to sell some of your Bitcoin once it rises to a certain price level (also known as Take profit), you can shield yourself from the worst dips and maintain a steady profit.

Cheapest way to sell Bitcoin

When selling Bitcoin to bank account, there are no intermediaries: your money goes directly to your bank account. This keeps commissions down, which makes it the cheapest way to sell Bitcoin. In other words, you get more money for your Bitcoin!

Moreover, if your bank supports instant transfers, you will receive your money almost immediately! We currently support Instant SEPA for EUR and Faster Payments for GBP.

In other cases, you should receive your money in approximately 1 working day.

Should I withdraw Bitcoin if the price is falling?

Please understand that we do not offer any investment advice, so we cannot tell when you should be buying or selling Bitcoin.

We can repeat, however, that it helps to have a clear plan. Just like you can decide to Take profit, you can also plan to sell BTC once it falls below a certain price point; this is known as Stop loss.

Of course, for this to work, you need a reliable way to sell bitcoins instantly. This is exactly what we offer.

Is it safe to sell BTC?

We can only answer for ourselves: yes, it is safe to sell BTC with Paybis. We are registered with the relevant authorities, and we work hard to maintain an excellent reputation.

This is, however, a question you must ask before selling Bitcoin. There is no way to reverse a crypto transaction: once your Bitcoins leave your wallet, you cannot get them back. Therefore, make sure you can trust your crypto exchange; always check their permits and feedback from other clients.