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How to use this BTC to USD service

In addition to our exchange services, Paybis offers a convenient tool for checking the BTC to USD price, helping you remain up to date with the latest rates. Here’s how you can use it: 

  • The left part of the BTC to USD page is used to enter the amount of cryptocurrency, in this case, BTC.

  • On the right side, you can enter the corresponding fiat currency, in this case, USD. 

  • By typing the amount of BTC in the left input field, the tool will automatically estimate its value in USD. 

  • Note that the Bitcoin to Dollar estimation works both ways. Apart from using BTC as your input field, you can enter the USD amount in the right box and the tool will provide the corresponding BTC value automatically. 

  • The “Buy now” button will lead you to the purchase page, where you can acquire some Bitcoin.

Note: If you wish to calculate the price of another cryptocurrency, you can do so by using the drop-down menu. Simply select one of the proposed currency pairs other than BTC/USD.  

Advantages of using the Paybis Bitcoin to US Dollar page 

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile leading to fluctuating prices in short timeframes. With that in mind, our tool offers you the following benefits: 

  • Prices are updated instantly. Consequently, you are presented with the most current Bitcoin to USD price estimations. An invaluable feature if you want to make profits from Bitcoin’s volatility. 

  • The tool makes the calculations in your stead. Simply type in the number of BTC and immediately receive its value in USD and vice versa. It eliminates the need for a third-party tool, allowing for a more frictionless process. 

  • Precise calculation with 8 decimals. This feature helps you calculate the BTC USD price with great precision. It ensures that you don’t lose any value when rounding off and provides precise BTC pricing down to the cent. 

  • Clean and comprehensive interface. Only two input fields and automatic estimation make it extremely easy to use this tool. Additionally, the drop-down currency selection menus include a search field in case you wish to switch from the BTC to Dollar market pair. 

Stay up to date and buy at the right moment

All in all, this page should be your go-to solution prior to purchasing cryptocurrencies for two reasons: 

  •  It’s a convenient way to stay informed about the latest crypto prices. 

  • It can help you estimate the exact amount of USD you need to spend to acquire the desired number of BTC, all of this by using a user-friendly interface. 

Once you are happy with your choice, click the “Buy now” button and proceed to buy BTC.

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